we are giving away a few things from our shop before we move. Details can be found here.

Welcome to The Smallest Cog Bicycle Shop! We are an independent bike shop established in 2018 by two people who love to ride.  Our mission is twofold: we want to be a great bike shop and we want to ensure that everyone has good places to ride. That’s our niche, that’s our hook, that’s our business plan.

The Smallest Cog specializes in service. We think that good service begins by listening to the customer and the customer’s bike. We will ask you questions, we will answer your questions, and we will never upsell you. Regardless of what you ride, you will be treated with respect at our shop. 

So whether your bike is making a funny noise, or you want us to build you a custom wheelset, or you just want to say ‘hi’ roll on by — we are just a block off the Jackson Street Cycle Track.

We look forward to meeting you!